As a part of the vision and directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, Vice-president, Prime minister of UAE and the Ruler of Dubai to Encourage human resources, So Dubai Courts Department in the presence of Tarsh Eid Al Mansouri, the general director of the department, has signed an Agreement with 04 Technology to establish an AI Platform in the field of positive and training to use AI techniques for the good of increasing the efficiency of employees, Which positively reflect on their Productivity
Tarsh Al Mansouri also said that” Dubai Courts consider as the first government department to use AI in the field of positive and training under the headline of Human resources, all of that comes from our believing that encouraging the positive of the employee and developing his functional skills and abilities reflect on customers happiness and satisfaction ”
Abdul-Wahid Caldari, Director of Human Resources Department also points out that “this platform is one of series contains many smart initiatives in Dubai courts, that focused on Employees, and its impact reflect on the customers, and also works as Instantaneous monitoring for positive impressions and the levels of employees, then analysis it to link them with the Circumstances that surrounding the Employee, AI platform also working on developing immediate and medium-term solutions and strategic solutions to deal with lack of productivity, and then implement and follow up the solutions automatically .

Source: Eye of Riyadh