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Sooty AI is a collaborative Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform for
Training, Positivity, Happiness, Engagement and Feedback.

AI in Training

AI Trainer (one-to-one learning)
Adaptive Learning
Knowledge-base Engine
Expert System
AI in Training, Positivity and HR

Use Insights and Intelligence to Customize Training

Build one-to-one trainer using insights to customize training using adaptive learning. Provide knowledge-base engine and expert systems to make learning on the job much more meaningful.

AI in Engagement, Positivity & Happiness

Automated Way to Engage Staff

Imagine how engaging to have AI Assistant for each staff. Provide conversational survey and feedback. Do sentiment analysis to measure happiness and more.

AI Virtual Assistant
Conversational Survey/Feedback
Sentiment Analysis
Customer/Staff Relation

AI in Human Resources Management

Staff Onboarding
Skills/Career Development
Employee Relations
Employee Satisfaction

Let AI Transform your Human Resources Management

Let AI do the heavy lifting from staff onboarding to skills development to managing employee relations to ultimately deliver employee satisfaction.

Sooty AI Engine

Expert System
Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Adaptive Learning
Real-time Emotional Intelligence
Pattern Recognition

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